Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most of the commonly asked questions in this FAQ. If you are unable to find your answers here, please feel free to contact us.

How to Order


Pricing & Payment


Delivery Information


How to Order

You may use our online tracking tool to keep track of the delivery status as well as details of your orders. Moreover, members of Lovehampers shop will be able to retrieve your purchase history in our online store.

Apart from the Online Tracking Tool we provide for you to trace your order status, our Customer Service Managers are always ready to help you.

Email  [email protected]

[email protected]

Tel (65) 6254 8837



Fax (65) 6254 8872

For Local Orders

  • Cancellation must be made at least 1 working day before the requested day of delivery for local orders.
  • A minimum charge of $10 or 5% of the value of the order (if the order is more than $200, whichever higher, is applicable.
  • In cases which you request for certain flowers to be specially purchased to fulfill your order, once purchased, only 50% of your order value is refundable.
  • In the event the order is delivered, cancellation will not be allowed.
  • If an order is delivered late yet accepted by the recipient, the delivery is deemed to have been completed and thus, cannot be cancelled.
  • For cancellation request received less than the stipulated time, only 50% of the order value is refundable.
  • Cancellation is not applicable for Third Party items, such as cakes, chocolates, etc.
  • For Third Party orders, once confirmed cannot be cancelled.


For Overseas Orders

  • Cancellation must be made at least 2 working days before the requested day of delivery and subject to acceptance by our overseas associates. Cancellation can only be processed upon written confirmation by our overseas associates.
  • A charge of $20 or 10% of the order value, whichever higher, is applicable.
  • In the event the order is delivered, cancellation will not be allowed.
  • Customer cannot unilaterally cancel an order.

For Local Orders

  • If you are unsatisfied with the flowers/gifts that you receive, Lovehampers will either replace it or give you a full refund as long as the product is returned in its original condition.
  • Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances that cause your order to be delivered late and provided we fail to keep you informed, up to a maximum of 20% of the value of the order will be refunded if it is late by more than 30 minutes.
  • Items sold are not exchangeable except for items received with defects. In this case, Lovehampers will replace the defective items at no extra charge.
  • To make a return, simply call us at (65 6254 8837) or send the item back to us.


For Overseas Orders

  • As we are not in direct control of our overseas associates that deliver your orders, refund can only be processed upon written confirmation by our associates that your order is canceled OR rejected by the recipient for any reason, lateness inclusive.
  • If an order is delivered late yet accepted by the recipient, the delivery is deemed to have been completed and thus, no refund will be offered.
  • Process for refund may take up to 3 months depending on the country concerned, due to time required by the banks for verification of facts.

Any complaint received will be acknowledged within 72 hours.

Lovehampers will then investigate the matter and attempt to respond within 7 working days.

Should Lovehampers be unable to resolve the complaint within 14 working days, the customer could seek alternative forms of redress from CASE mediation channel.

Pricing & Payment

Apart from special occasions like the Valentine’s Day, Secretary’s Day and Mother’s Day, our prices are fixed according to market rates. However, special weather conditions in Singapore as well as in countries from where we are importing our flowers (e.g. the Netherlands, China, USA, etc.) may affect our supplies and our product prices may be changed as a result.

For your shopping convenience, we accept:

  • VISA & Mastercard credit/debit cards
    To pay through Mastercard credit and debit cards, please state during purchase and allow our staff to contact you to retrieve your mastercard details.
  • PayPal
    If you are a registered PayPal user, you may pay through PayPal payment gateway.
  • Bank Transfer
    Alternatively, you may choose to pay via Bank Transfer.

Our bank accounts detail as follows:

DBS Savings Account 149-25492-7
UOB Current Account 3143031894
  • Paynow or PayLah!
    We love payments by Paynow or PayLah! Kindly sent your payment to 91504827 upon adding on paynow/payLah!

Delivery Information

Lovehampers will make every effort to deliver your order on time.

Lovehampers will not accept responsibilities for late or non-deliveries under the following conditions: –

  1. Recipient is not present at the address given within those hours during which delivery was requested to take place.
  2. The address given is incorrect.
  3. Recipient was not addressed at the given address.
  4. No valid contact number was given for us to make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient in order to execute the order successfully.

Each Lovehampers flower/gift is designed and delivered by our professional delivery officers. While we guarantee the delivery of a fresh*, beautiful bouquet every time, substitutions may be necessary on occasion due to the seasonal nature of flowers and flower condition.

Lovehampers will deliver another item of equivalent value at no charge, if the flowers or any perishable items you received are not fresh.

*However, if a second or more delivery attempt is required or due to other circumstances, for example: the flower were placed or displayed in a concealed area or extreme heat conditions immediately after the delivery, that is beyond Lovehampers control, freshness cannot be guaranteed.

Standard Delivery Fees
6:00 AM – 7:59 AM S$50.00
8:00 AM – 8:59 AM S$20.00
9:00 AM – 11:59 AM Free
1:00 PM – 4:59 PM Free
6:00 PM – 9:59 PM Free


Midnight Express Delivery
Last order by 9.15pm, with a minimum purchase of $80.00
10:00 PM – 11:59 PM S$30.00
12:00 AM – 5:59 AM S$50.00
* Timing and charges are subject to change without notice.

In case the scheduled delivery date coincides with a Serious Rain fall, Floods etcs or heavy rainstorm, we will contact you to arrange another delivery time convenient to you. If we could not reach you, we will reschedule the delivery to the day after the rainstorm or floods had subsided.

Kindly note that an additional charge of $ 15.00 will be levied for the following restricted areas:

  • Airport Passenger Terminals & Cargo Complexes
  • All military camps
  • All PSA ports, including Singapore Cruise Centre
  • Selected universities’ & other tertiary institutions’ campuses
  • Jurong Island, Sentosa, Tuas, Gul Road, & Pioneer Road
  • Central Business District

Any other Restricted Areas that required special passes to be applied in advanced.

Holidays are busy times at Lovehampers, so it helps to place your orders early. Prior to certain holidays, we will post specific delivery schedules and charges.

For subsequent attempt or redirection of orders, a surcharge of $15.00 is applicable.

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