Inventive for all Babies


Inventive for all Babies


Generous for Baby Boy, is an organic new born baby hamper suitable for newly minted mummies and babies.

Generous consists of

  • 6 X 70grams of Brands Chicken Essence

Chicken essence is perfect our newly minted mummies and those who have just undergone an operation.

  • Shears Organic Pillow Set

An important necessity which helps to prevent Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) in new borns. Crucial to a new born’s brain development, this organic pillow set will be a beneficial addition to the baby’s cot.

  • New Born Animated Socks

Our socks boasts of comfort, stylish and protective to every new born who puts it on. With its soft and comfortable mechanism, this pair of socks will be sure to protect.

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