Valentines Day Rose Colour Meanings

With Valentine’s Day looming close, this is the best time to find out what each colour of the rose petal means! Psst.. So you won’t be seen sending the wrong messages!

At Lovehampers, we offer roses of all colors on the rainbow spectrum. Exclusively to Lovehampers, we have our own made dark roses!

Red Roses


‘ I love you’. Look no further if this is the message you want your Valentine to receive. This classic bouquet expresses your abundance of love for the one who’s been there through the tough and great times.

Pink Roses

youre-everything_clipped_rev_1-copy‘ I admire you’. Choose the beautiful soft pastel pink if your Valentine is one who provides the solutions to your tough problems. The one who always have your back in tough situations and is committed to the things she does. 

Black Roses

img_2528-2_clipped_rev_1‘ Our new beginning’. Black may be inauspicious but in flower terms, it also symbolise a new beginning. Gift the black roses if you are going through a tough period together, this flower speak of mutiny and courage. After all, being in love is a courageous act in all

Blue Roses

dsc_0052_clipped_rev_1‘ You’re one of a kind’. Blue roses are painstakingly colored, making the whole process of attaining a beautiful blue a tough yet satisfying process. This color goes out to the ones who is precious to you, hard to come by and one of a kind. This bouquet is perfect for those who has an incredible personality.

Purple Roses


‘ Love at first sight’. Purple symbolizes royalty or in modern times, class. This color goes out to our modern princesses who are both tough and demure. Unique and pure, the person receiving this bouquet will be impressed.

Champagne Roses

Cupid‘ Everlasting Love’. A color so pure speaks of eternal love. Strong enough to withstand the hardships of life. Gift this to the who is always worthy of your love, because she is always there for you.

Glitter Roses


‘ You’re so fine’. Glitter roses for the young love, the fun love and the ones who enjoys the process of Love. For the couple who always have fun when they are out. Or simply, just to impress!

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