Bridal Showers

Why settle for simple bridal showers, when you can take this opportunity to learn a new skill and bond with your besties! A bridal squad requires more than just sashes, crowns and food. Take this opportunity to show your gratitude and thank yous through a fun get-together to have tons of laughters! For a party [...] Continue reading »

Flower Bars

Why be ordinary, if you can be special?Flower Bars Our Flower bar details are $888 for 100 guests $588 for 40 guests Which includes 10 flowers such as fresh flowers and foliage for their selection Your guest will be able to pick up 5 flowers of their choice from the wide varieties Providing on-site wrapping [...] Continue reading »

Floral workshop for Preschoolers

Preschoolers workshop What's happening? We're looking for young children aged 7 years or younger, to join us in our children's workshop! Our in house early childhood trained floral enthusiast will be able to work with our young ones in touching base with their green thumb to create beautiful flower arrangements. We are introducing 2 different [...] Continue reading »