Our Valentine’s Day story

Hi from Lovehampers, the daughter brand of The Language Of Love Flower Trading. For many who does not know, we stem from a family of 4 who have been in the floristry business since 1995. This year, we introduced our daughter brand- www.lovehampers.sg . We also successfully launched our Valentine’s Day giveaway, providing 3 bouquets to 3 winners! This Valentine’s Day was so meaningful for us and we hope it was as meaningful and fun for you!

Just like any other years we have been doing Valentine’s Day flowers; we purchased, prepared, wrapped and delivered the bouquets and arrangements with the help of our family members and friends. Valentine’s Day 2017, we succeeded in creating 200 bouquets both for walk-in customers and deliveries. Our big boss aka the dad of the family is the one who understands flower the most, the guy who prepared and nurtured all the flowers we have purchased. Our main florist aka the mummy of the family is the brain of this shop where all 200 bouquets are thought and placed together by her. Albeit a small business, we started arranging the bouquets over the weekends and into the day itself, sleep and work were sacrificed but the customer’s happiness are worth much more than these. We roped in our family and friends to handle the deliveries and all of our deliveries were out before 1pm on the 14th of February. One of our long time customer have even volunteered to help us deliver some bouquets on the day itself.

We live for these positive relationships with our customers where we have seen them from their dating phases to their marriages phases. “Trust” is what we have with our customers as they placed their trust on our main florist to create these lovely bouquets.

Valentine’s Day was definitely not easy for us, we tirelessly work through to continue taking in orders, providing options and recommendations for customers. With the help of our family members and walk-in customers, we managed to empty our 2 fridges of flowers! Churning over hundreds of colored flowers! No less a stressful 4 days for us, but the smile on our recipients really makes it all worthwhile. Here’s to a greater 2017.



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